"In a series of well-written and engaging examples, Moskowitz and Gofman vividly illustrate the value of a truly scientific approach to understanding what consumers really want... This book is as much fun to read as it is informative, and it is as deeply rooted in psychology as it is in the science of marketing. They really deliver the goods!"
Professor Stephen Kosslyn
Chair, Department of Psychology,
Harvard University

 "Finally, the ordinary reader, as well as business people, social scientists, and politicians can share in these tools. Moskowitz and Gofman have flattened the playing field with their book 'Selling Blue Elephants'. I applaud you both. Two thumbs up."

"Moskowitz and Gofman demonstrate how the use of a technique called RDE ... can turn average products into amazing products! ... Selling Blue Elephants is a must for any marketer or product developer who wants to learn the art of success!"
Iain Bitran, President
The International Society for Professional
Innovation Management (ISPIM)
"The authors use real examples much as Levitt and Dubner do in Freakonomics to bring the science of market and consumer research to life. In addition to being a fun read, this book is a great addition to your reference bookshelf for those moments when you ask yourself, “Are we approaching this marketing problem the best way?”

George Stalk, Senior Partner/Managinf Director,
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
author and renowned strategist
"Moskowitz & Gofman have written a book that tells the business person, anywhere in the world, how to compete effectively, no matter how small (or how large) the enterprise."
Professor Eugene Galanter
Columbia University

"Moskowitz and Gofman have clearly laid out a set of knowledge-building techniques for discerning consumer minds that may change the way companies do business... In the hands of knowledge business practitioners these methods might be of a tremendous value to the corporations and delight the customers by better and faster meeting their "wants and needs".
Professor Vijay Mahajan
John P. Harbin Centennial Chair in Business
Marketing Department
The University of Texas at Austin
Moskowitz and Gofman are serious geniuses that have dedicated their work to help all of us to increase our chances of success significantly. RDE is a new tool that all marketers should acquire if they love their profession and are serious about creating shareholders value out of every launch."
Tex Gunning,
Group Vice President,
Unilever Asia
"In Selling Blue Elephants the authors lucidly and brilliantly give many examples of the ways they have applied this sophisticated psychophysical approach to the marketplace. Read, enjoy, and learn!"
Professor Lawrence E. Marks, Ph.D.,
Director, John B. Pierce Laboratory, Yale University
"...Moskowitz and Gofman (both of whom are also experienced in the field of experimental psychology) offer a seven-step plan to identify and develop successful products... Systematic, intelligently inquisitive and precise, RDE’s objective is to eliminate guesswork in the process of reading the minds of consumers."


"In a new book, Howard Moskowitz and Alex Gofman set out to track these "blue elephants" and understand how companies can identify needs, even when customers cannot articulate them... Filled with real-life stories, this book will change the way people think about selling to their present and future customers."
Wharton @ Work: e-Buzz, e-Newsletter for Wharton Executive Education, May, 2007

"Moskowitz and Gofman skillfully show us how to develop and use the rules to define new perspectives and make better business decisions in virtually any field. An absolute must-read for any businessperson facing fierce competition!"
Sean Bauld,
EVP, Global Head of Marketing, Sales & Trading
"I absolutely loved your book "Selling Blue Elephants". Must say it is one of the most amazing pieces of work I have read in recent times."
Sachin Shukla, Gr. Manager, Unilever
(An unsolicited e-mail)

"Seldom does a book come along from exceptional minds that combines wit, whimsy, savvy and intellectual rigor, while at the same time being extraordinarily useful. Selling Blue Elephants is such a book."
Stewart Emery,
Coauthor, International bestseller Success Built to Last
(Wall St. Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller,
the Top 3 of Amazon’s Best Books of 2006 Editors’ Picks: Business)


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