About me

I like traveling, photography, snorkeling, jazz. I used to be a mountain hiker but now enjoy more family oriented ways of traveling (well, the recent diving with the sharks and hiking the virgin jungles of Borneo were exceptions... kinda). Working hard toward joining one day Club 100 (people who visited 100 or more countries / territories) but still is only about 3/4 through the list. I am an amateur jazz piano player (stress on 'jazz' as an explanation for my inability to play the same melody twice in the same way).

Professional Summary

Dr. Gofman is an accomplished hands-on technology oriented marketing research executive, a scholar and an author with a strong portfolio of successes researching, designing and managing market research, innovation, consumer insights and analytics for major global clients. Reputable for the development of innovative marketing and consumer insights methodologies and Web based technologies. With well over 100 publications, he is widely recognized internationally for contributions to consumer intelligence and related Web technologies, structured experimentation with consumers, consumer insights, conjoint analysis, segmentation, online marketing, consumer driven dynamic advertisement optimization, etc. 

Alex co-authored multiple publications with the world renowned experimental psychologist and practitioner Dr. Moskowitz, whose work is recognized by many (if not most) of major awards in the marketing field. Alex was instrumental in inventing and implementing the methodologies / technologies which led to Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award, ARF Research Innovation Award and The Market Research Council Hall of Fame Award, to name just a few.

Professional Achievements

Dr. Gofman is well known as a perpetual innovator and a co-inventor of world-class web-based marketing and market research methodologies and technologies and as a scholar in cross-science development in experimental psychology and computer science:
- A co-author of award winning internationally acclaimed bestseller Selling Blue Elephants book (Wharton School Publishing, 2007) translated into fifteen foreign languages
- An Emerald Highly Commended Paper Award Winner for Excellence 2011
- Award nominated invited and keynote speaker at many international conferences
- A guest lecturer at universities around the world including Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania), New York University (NYU), Tartu University (Estonia), University MARA / UiTM (Malaysia), Lausanne Business School (Switzerland)
- A member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture Journal (Bentham Science Publishers)
- A peer-reviewer of book proposals for Bentham Science Publishers
- A regular contributor to Daily News and Analysis, Research WorldWharton School Publishing and Financial Times Press publications
- The architect of the award-winning Ideamap® family of products (Ideamap®, Ideamap.NET, Stylemap.NET, Videomap, Ideamap Wizard, etc.) as well as the globally recognized brands: DesignLab®, ProductEngineer®, Concept Optimizer® and other MJI technologies, which were positively reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Research Magazine, Quirk's Marketing Research Review, etc.
- Author of multiple patents
- The biography has been included in the 2010 and 2011 Editions of Who's Who in America.

Specialties and Job Positions

Structured Experimentation with Consumers, Actionable Consumer Insights, Marketing Intelligence, Product Management and Innovation, Rule Developing Experimentation, Conjoint Analysis, Online Surveys, Multivariate Web Sites Optimization, Multivariate Package Optimization.
Vice President of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. Leading innovative market research, marketing intelligence and consulting for many Fortune 500 clients (including all top 10 global pharma companies) as well as developing new methodologies and Web applications based on actionable consumer insights (since 1992).

Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing at Pace University (Lubin School of Business, Graduate Center) teaching graduate classes in Marketing, Marketing Research and New Product Development.

VP and CTO of i-Novation, Inc., a Web subsidiary of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.

Previous Jobs

International high-tech and software development companies.


-Authored and co-authored more than 100 books, chapters in monographs, patents, articles and international conference papers
-Co-authored an award winning internationally acclaimed bestseller Selling Blue Elephants book (Wharton School Publishing, 2007) translated into fifteen foreign languages
- Recently published (2011) book Premium by Design: How to Design and Market High End Products co-authored with Marco Bevolo, fr. Director Foresight & Trends, Philips Design, and Dr. Moskowitz.
 -Contributed to several major academic and professional books, including Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science (8 volume-set)
-Presented papers at multiple international conferences around the world that earned several awards nominations
-Finishing co-editing a monograph "Rule Developing Experimentation: A Systematic Approach to Understand & Engineer the Consumer Mind"  
-A regular contributor to Wharton School Publishing and Financial Times Press as well as to Business/Marketing sections of Daily News and Analysis.
-A regular contributor to Research World, the only magazine for market research professionals worldwide to provide news and views from all industry sectors. Some of the articles has been republished/translated in Asia, Australia, North and South Americas.


BS and MS in Computer Science, Donetsk National Technical University (Summa Cum Laude).

Ph.D. in Economics, the University of Tartu (Thesis: "Experimentation-Based Product Development in Mature Food Categories: Advancing Conjoint Analysis Approach")

Photo: My daughter, Alli Gofman, took this picture during our trip to Spain. This is, by far, my favorite portrait.

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